Sunday Dinners

Stories from around the world


A photographic study on what people like to eat on a sunday



I’m fascinated by people’s eating habits on Sundays so my objective is to capture a cross section of society and tell their story surrounding food on the day of the week that is known for many across the globe, as a day of rest.  I will tell the authentic story of each household included in the book. Their profession, their location, their routine, who they eat their meal with, what they eat and if they have any rituals, religious or otherwise.  There will be a passage which introduces the person/family/organisation and then a series of photographs documenting their preparation, the ingredients, the space they eat the meal and pictures of the finished meal. Alongside the pictures of the finished meal I will include recipes of the dishes they have created, whether they are from a known or unknown chef, something made up, a ready meal or a takeaway.


people/professions i’d like to capture

Actors // Artists // Illustrators // Writers // Chefs // Cooks // Food Critics // Photographers // Musicians // Athletes // Politicians // Models// Designers // Florists // Emergency Services - People on call // Charities/Shelters// Bankers // DJs // Comedians/diennes // Bloggers // Housewives/husbands // Food Stylists // Architects // Students



The following photographs show an example of the kinds of stories I will tell, not necessarily the design, layout or volume of images. 


Terri & Mike

Terri, an actress and florist and Mike a film director based in London, rotate Sunday Dinners with a close group of friends. 


The stanners

Once a month, Mr & Mrs Stanners have their three daughters along with their partners over to the family house in Highgate. On this Sunday, Mrs Stanners cooked a huge Persian roast. The tradition is, she doesn't do the washing up afterwards. 


Riann, Tristan & June

Riann an actress, Tristan a sommelier and Riann's grandma live in Brooklyn, New York. During the summer months, they have BBQs in their yard on a Sunday. Tristan a keen chef, is usually in charge of bringing it all together. 


A selection of images from other homes