Two absoloutely stunning spaces. Grundtvigskirke and Nomad Workspace.

Prime Place

A brilliantly fun shoot for Once Big Company's design of a new Prime Place development. Design by Maggie Webster, flowers by Worm London


A couple from Kuala Lumpur and Borneo.

Blakeney on film

Blakeney on film

Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn

A house with so much history.

Bradwell - On - Sea

One of the oldest in tact 19th century churches in the country. The stunning grade I listed St Peter's Chapel. 

Niland, CA

Concrete Beauties.

Herne Bay

Still to this day, one of my favourite photos. Herne Bay


This place gets more and more beautiful with each visit

Orford Ness


A few from Jaipur and Agra. 

The Hoover Building

Before the Hoover Building began it's refurbishment to be turned into apartments. I was allowed a quick look around.